CO2 Laser Cutting

CO2 Laser Cutting

What is CO2 Laser Cutting?

A CO2 laser beam is generated using Carbon Dioxide, Helium, and Nitrogen. This beam is then directed to the cutting head using a series of mirrors. Since CO2 lasers operate in the infrared spectrum, they are unable to be transferred via fiber optics. This allows advantages when cutting various types of materials.

A few benefits of using a CO2 laser are:

  • Higher accuracy than Plasma or torch cutting
  • Better edge quality than Plasma cutting or torch cutting or CNC Router
  • Faster production of parts – well suited for large production runs
  • Lower tooling costs than stamping
  • Wider range of materials that can be cut compared to a fiber laser.

CO2 Laser Compatible Materials

A few of the materials you can use with our Rhinoworks CO2 laser machine.

Perspex / Plexiglass


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