CNC Punching & Perforation

CNC Punching & Perforation

What can a punching machine do?

A punching machine is a machine tool for punching and embossing flat sheet-materials to produce form-features needed as mechanical elements and/or to extend static stability of a sheet section.

Why use a punching machine?

The CNC punching process is the best alternative to laser cutting for its balance between price and quality, for as long as the geometry of the part allows it.

With a variety of punching tools available for selection, Rhinoworks offers the following punching services to produce products such as:

  • Perforated ceiling panels,
  • Anti-skid steps,
  • Plate facade,
  • Noise barrier and filters,
  • Louvres, etc.

Various applications of punched panels:

  • That act as sieves for grain & seeds cleaning and drying,
  • Mill of flour and rice,
  • Rope belt conveyors,
  • Wall & ceiling panels,
  • Cladding and sunshade,
  • Fences and protective panels,
  • Decorative applications, etc.

Rhinoworks exclusively uses Amada Punching machines to achieve high quality sheet metal fabrications and forming.

We carry a wide range of standard hole designs such as rounds, ob-rounds and rectangles in a variety of sizes.

The parts created during this process could then be sent for post processes such as bending, assembly and welding.

Punching Machine
Material Type Max. Thickness
Mild Steel Punching up to 3mm
Stainless Steel Punching up to 3mm
Aluminium Punching up to 6mm
Working Range: 2500mm x 1250mm

CNC Punching & Perforation

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