CNC routing is a method of cutting and engraving (recessing) flat sheet materials like wood (MDF, plywood, chipboard, masonite, solid wood etc), plastics (ABS, Romark, acrylic, Perspex, PVC, etc); Aluminium; Composite Materials (Di-bond, C-bond, Hulasign, Hulabond) and many more

Fibre Laser Cutting is the newest technology available today and is able to cut material that are very hard to cut with CO2 laser. It cuts these materials at high speed with cutting edges comparable to CO2 lasers. We cut material such as galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel, cold rolled steel and chromadek.

CO2 Laser cutting is a very clean and precise way to cut a wide range of materials including acrylic, wood, MDF, ABS, Romark magnet, and many more. Laser Engraving machines have revolutionised the engraving industry. Utilising laser technology with the aid of computer guidance you can achieve incredibly accurate results with engraving a range of materials.

We have the capabilities to accurately roll steel and aluminum plate into full cylinders, cylinder segments, full cones, and cone segments. Sheet or plate rolled into tubular shapes can be used for conveyor pipes, downspouts, and numerous other applications.

We offer bending & forming services for a variety of materials. Our Press Brake machines also provides high and close tolerance bending for one off projects or large quantity repetition orders.

We use top of the range machinery to create standard perforated metal sheets as well as complex, intricately designed sheet metal parts of various pitches and hole sizes. The bed size of our CNC punch machine is 2500x1250mm.

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About Us 

At Rhinoworks we specialise in industrial and commercial applications such as name plates, data plates, tags and labels, decorative screens, light boxes, channel letters and 3D fabricated letters. We are able to manufacture on a vast variety of materials, such as: Wood, Aluminium/Rowmark, Brass, Copper, Aluminium Composite Panels, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Chromadeck and more.

Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction through:

– Timely responses to email and sent files
– Provide realistic job completion times
– Competitive material costs
– Competitive machining costs based on complexity and volumes

With our CNC Routers and Laser cutting components, you can be assured of precision result to suit your needs. Cut in the shortest time with least wastage.

– Sign Writers
– Cabinet Makers
– Shop Fitters
– Students
– Boat Builders
– Private Individuals
– Plastic Fabricators
– Wood Workers
– Mould Makers
– Engineers & Designers

2D CAD vector drawings of the parts needed will be required. These can be provided by the customer or we can do them for you. Obviously if you have the ability to do them yourself this will save you money.

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